OASIS-Landscape Planning and Dedign's Archiver

OASIS(SHEN ZHEN) LANDSCAPE DESIGN CO.,LTD. takes“ecological esthetic environmental—(3E) as its purpose to base on the principle of “Making a better future with excellent design”. It is engaged in residential landscape designing, urban landscape designing, commercial area landscape designing and industrial area landscape designing. Thanks to numbers of different landscape designing and practical experience, it has been arising up as a miracle in this filed.

Oasis consists of a lot of talent designers, who not only devoted themselves to creating a high quality life and a better environmental harmony, but also offer an impeccable service of international standard. With their unremitting efforts, a systematic designing body has been built up. In line with international standard, we always work as “Industrial benchmark”. We also have realized different cases of projects all over the country, and have won wide acclaim from public and customers.

Oasis people will always take their designing idea, promising to make every project perfect in designing, conception, originality and implementation. In order to satisfy all customers, we are ready to make a team-work to realize our promise and achievement as what we said “Creating a great harmony to connect Human and Landscape”.

深圳水木怡合园林设计有限公司(OASIS (SHEN ZHEN) LANDSCAPE DESIGN CO.,LTD.)以“生态的、美学的、环保的(Ecological Esthetic Environmental—3E)”为宗旨,秉承“以卓越的设计创造更好未来(Excellent Design Making Better Future)”的设计理念,从事住宅景观设计、市政景观设计、商业区园林设计和工业区园林设计的服务,通过对数个不同种类项目的园林景观设计、历经多年的经验积累,已经逐步成为中国园林景观行业中的一枝独秀。